How effective are freezers in preserving food?

When you purchase your freezer, you are often looking for a way to store foods for a long time in order to ensure that they remain tasty and edible when you and your family are ready to eat them.
Purchasing a freezer usually involves careful consideration of the size and reliability of the freezer in order to make sure that whatever refrigerator or freezer you choose is able to hold onto your foods for a long period of time.

However, food in the freezer goes through a variety of changes as it is being frozen. As a result, it is not always a matter of what freezer you pick, but how you store food in the freezer that ultimately results in a freezer’s true reliability. Here are several interesting facts about storing food in the freezer.

How does freezing work to preserve food?

Frozen Food is More Appropriate than Fresh Food

Many people use the freezer to store fresh food that they themselves were going to eat, realize was getting old, and decided to place in the freezer. Still others decided that the best solution for food choices is to buy fresh food and freeze it, rather than buy frozen food. However, the truth about freezers is that they are far more useful for keeping frozen food fresh than fresh food.


This is because the nutrients in the vast majority of fresh food break down over time, while frozen food is frozen within minutes or hours of being harvested, allowing them to keep more of its nutrients.

In addition, frozen food is frozen before bacteria can grow, while fresh food may have bacteria that, while it may not grow or flourish in the freezer, can stay alive while frozen. Then, if the item is taken out, the bacteria will start to grow again and the food will become rotten faster.

Keeping More Food in the Freezer is Better than Less Food

When your goal is to keep your food cold, it would make sense logically to believe that the less food you have in the freezer, the more cold air can reach your frozen food items. But the truth is that you actually want to have more items in the freezer packed closely together, rather than less items spread apart.

This is because when you open the freezer, the more open space there is the more cold air will come out (and the more warm air will come it) that could cause your food to not keep as well, and at the very least uses more energy to cool down.

You Can Eat Frozen Food Past Expiration – But You Don’t Want To

Another interesting fact about freezers and freezer foods is that if the food has been in the freezer since long before it expired, but has gone past its expiration date, it is often still edible, in terms of health concerns.

Frozen food is still frozen food, and the food cannot spoil provided it never went above the necessary freezing temperatures. Still, ideally you do not want to eat food that has been in the freezer this long, as it often loses a great deal of its flavor and nutrients to the effects of time, and may taste absolutely awful.

Freezers Are Great For Food

Freezers are still the only true way to keep food for a long, long period of time. But like all appliances, they are only effective if used correctly, and that includes how you view the food that you put into the freezer as well.

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